How to Sell Dogecoin via PayPal


If you get the Dogecoins inside of your e-wallet,you may want to convert Dogecoin to currencies that you can transfer straight to your PayPal account or make a Withdrawal to your bank account(Credit Card)or your Skrill wallet.


It is several options to do this:

Since September 2014, PayPal supports Dogecoin, along with bitcoin. PayPal cooperates with several bitcoin companies and online exchanges, but some online exchanges may have surprisingly high commissions and fees. They do not reveal the full costs in the beginning of transaction, and, later, come up with a “new” fees when you have already started the transaction and have no ability to reverse it. Beware of new & unknown online exchanges for the safety of your funds reason.


We would recommend you to use EXMO platform to sell Degecoin. EXMO is founded in 2013, based in London, Kiev, Barcelona and Moscow. Now it is #1 exchange in Eastern Europe, and one of the world's largest global exchanges in volume and liquidity. If you have money in Dogecoin currency, you just need to transfer it to your EXMO account for absolutely free, you will pay 0% fees. In case if you don't have account on EXMO, you can SignUp in a few seconds just following this link.


When your Dogecoin is on your EXMO account’s Wallet you can easily sell it for USD or EUR and transfer it to Paypal, but to save your money and to avoid the extremely high commissions, it’s better to transfer funds to your Bank Account or your Skrill wallet.