How to Sell Dogecoin via PayPal

You may want to convert Dogecoin to money that you can transfer straight to your PayPal account. Probably you've gor Dogecoins inside the online wallet and there is a wish to turn it into cash or transfer it to your bank account.

There are several options to do it. Since September 2014, PayPal supports Dogecoin, along with bitcoin. PayPal cooperates with several bitcoin companies - GoCoin, BitPay and Coindesk.


You can use ExchangeMyCoins, an online exchange. ExchangeMyCoins is a Denmark based site. You can buy and sell digital currencies on ExchangeMyCoins. The site accepts plenty of virtual currencies, such as bitcoin (BTC), Feathercoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. At ExchangeMyCoins, you can exchange one type of virtual currencies for others; the site enables you to exchange the most popular digital currencies easily. It is a fast and hassle-free option, you do not have to provide any personal data. You do not have to deal with any validation process. It is is possible to stay 100% anonymous. At ExchangeMyCoins, you can sell Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies for USD, GBP or EUR. Once you have paid, ExchangeMyCoins sends the fiat currency directly to your PayPal account.


Cryptsy is one of the largest and most reliable sites. At Cryptsy, you can mine digital currency, you can trade one digital currency for another one, or you can convert cryptocurrency to cash that you will receive on your PayPal account.

You must create an account on Cryptsy. The site requires verification. Once you verify your new account and log into Cryptsy, you should select the exchange market in which you want to sell your digital currency, Dogecoin, for USD; it will be DOGE/USD. Once you have bought dollars for Dogecoins, you can transfer your dollars to your PayPal account. Now you can use that money for PayPal payments, or you can withdraw it to your bank account.

Exchanging Dogecoins to USD is expensive, Cryptsy and other sites charge high fees for this particular transaction.


Beware of new & unknown online exchanges. When you use a new online exchange, the risk of losing your money is really high - they can just disappear. Some online exchanges may have surprising charges and fees. They do not reveal the full costs at the beginning and later come up with a new fees when you have already started the transaction and cannot reverse it.

Before you buy or sell, do some online research and stick to big, respectable sites ( like EXMO.COM, Cryptsy ). Large, established exchanges which have been around for years are less likely to go bankrupt or disappear with your money, never offering a refund.