How to buy dogecoin?

We all know about bitcoin which is a digital payment system. Developers can easily fork the code of Bitcoin. Therefore, there are several other cryptocurrencies available in the market now. One such cryptocurrency is Dogecoin. Although dogecoin was created as a mere joke, this crypto currency has become quite popular in today’s date. In this article, we will discuss about how to buy dogecoin.

The biggest advantage of using dogecoin is that you can easily conduct micro transactions online. This facility is only possible through crypto currencies such as dogecoin, which was earlier impossible through credit cards. Since crypto currencies such as dogecoin have a very low transaction fee, it is possible to conduct online micro transactions.

First, make an online wallet

In order to buy dogecoin, you have to first make an online wallet. You should go to and click on the wallet option that you can find on the homepage of the site. After that, you have to click on the button called Create Wallet. A form will appear instantly which you have to fill carefully. After entering your email id and giving a new password, your account will be created.

However, you should keep your password and account ID in a safe place. This is because if you lose your password, you would also lose access to your Dogecoins. This happens because no passwords are additionally sent to Dogechain servers as it is a client-side wallet. After creating the wallet, you should click on the button named Open your wallet. Now, you are ready to send and receive dogecoin from your wallet.

From where can you obtain dogecoin?

You can use a dogecoin faucet to obtain some free dogecoin. In order to do so, you just need to enter your Dogecoin address and solve a Captcha. However, a dogecoin faucet won’t give you more than one to five dogecoin. Alternatively, you can use WeSellDoges to buy dogecoin. By using PayPal, you can easily buy dogecoin from here. All you need to do is simple email verification.

If you want to buy large amount of dogecoin, then you need to first buy bitcoin. After buying bitcoin, you can use a good cryptocurrency exchange such as Bter in order to buy dogecoin. Through a cryptocurrency exchange, you can easily swap bitcoin with dogecoin, litcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

After you buy dogecoin from Bter, you should safely transfer it to your wallet. Keep your wallets protected by giving a strong password. Hacking is quite common and so you should put a strong password. With cryptocurrency, you own your own bank which is a great thing. However, you must protect your money responsibly.