How To Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card


Nowadays, more and more services offer an option to buy Bitcoins using your credit card. The only thing that you have to verify your identity before companies allow you to buy bitcoin with a credit card.


Using, you can buy Bitcoin for the Fiat money instantly. You can Deposit and Withdrawal all the 6 currencies which are supported by the platform - USD, EUR, RUB, UAH, TRY, PLN. EXMO cryptocurrency platform allows you to use both crypto and Fiat currencies to buy Bitcoin.


We will take an example of bying BTC for USD:

Go to the “Finance” tab of your EXMO account, choose USD and press the “Deposit” button.





Choose the Visa/MasterCard method (pay attention to the minimum amount - 200 USD) enter the sum you want to Deposit and press the “Refill my account” button.


Go to the “Exchange” tab when you have the USD in your EXMO wallet, enter the amount and sell USD for BTC.





Congratulations, you’ve bought BTC with your credit card in 3 easy steps!