How to install the Google Authenticator app?

Easy steps to install the Google Authenticator app on your device: 

  1. Download Google Authenticator from app store (depending on the device model) and start it:

            Google Authenticator for Android 

            Google Authenticator for iOS

  1. Click on the "+" icon (in the installed application) to activate the account, there will be two options:
  • Scan the code - point the camera at the QR code in your EXMO account;
  • Enter the key - indicate the name of the new account you are creating (for example EXMO) and the 16-digit code from your EXMO personal account.
  1. Synchronize time in the installed Google Authenticator app:
  • Open the Google Authenticator menu in the upper right corner;
  • Select “Settings”;
  • Click “Time Correction for Codes”;
  • Click “Sync”.

A confirmation screen will appear. Now you can use access codes to enter your account. Synchronization affects only the internal time of the Google Authenticator application and does not affect the date and time settings of the device.