HourGlass will let you pay all ongoing costs using Bitcoin's micro-transaction channels

Mike Hearn, one of Bitcoin core developers, wants to develop a specialized Bitcoin client which allows users to easily pay ongoing costs, down on the second level using Bitcoin's micro-transaction channels. Hearn wants to use the Bitcoin-based crowd funding platform Lighthouse to finance the project and so far it looks absolutely real to get funds for the first stage of the project. The project description mentions that Hour Glass can be used if you want to charge for example online lessons via Skype, consulting, internet radio etc.

To use this service you need to send Bitcoin to an address that the application provides. Then you can either press HourGlass Link that you received from the person you want to pay to, or you can drag and drop your link out of the application. When a payment channel is created and it has reached an agreement on a price per second, so you can press a start button to begin sending or receiving payment.

While micro-transaction channels are already implemented and used in several other projects, so there is no one who has taken Hourglass's approach when it comes to functionality. HourGlass wants to appear as a research project in which this type of micro-transaction channels tested. 

HourGlass has that plan to come in versions for both Windows, OS X, Linux and possibly mobile in the future.