Dogecoin Exchange: Secure Online Exchanges

What about Dogecoin exchange? For a start, get free Dogecoin from a Dogecoin faucet. Add your Dogecoin address and solve a captcha. Consider that you will obtain only a minimum amount of Dogecoins with this option.

You can buy Dogecoins from WeSellDoges. After a short verification process, you can buy Dogecoins worth $15 via your PayPal address. These options are your best choice when you want to buy a small amount of Dogecoins for a low price.

Dogecoin Exchange

If you want more Dogecoins, buy bitcoin and turn to an online exchange like Bter. Some cryptocurrency exchanges accept Dogecoin; you can sell your bitcoins and buy Dogecoin. Online exchanges support other cryptocurrencies, too, for example, Darkcoin and Litecoin.  

These days, Bter is your best alternative to sell bitcoin for Dogecoin. However, market trends are changing and shifting constantly. It would be a good idea to do some research before you consider Dogecoin exchange. See Dogecoin exchange volume charts at and similar sites. Select the exchange with the most trading volume for Dogecoin. Once you found your best option, create an account and place an order.

Security: Have a Safe Wallet for Dogecoin

When you finished the buying transaction, transfer your Dogecoin to your electronic wallet. Never store Dogecoin - or any other traditional or digital currency for that matter - on an online exchange. If someone hacks the site, you may lose your money.

Protect your online wallets from electronic thieves. Do not use online wallets that give out your private keys to the server of the website. Hackers often work their way through the safety measures of cryptocurrency sites. Remember the big Dogecoin theft on 25th December 2013; hackers have stolen millions of coins from the Dogewallet.

Reliable Exchanges that Support Dogecoin

Coinbase, one of the largest exchanges, deals with Dogecoin, however, it only gives you an option to purchase bitcoin. You can use government-backed currencies – USD or EUR - to buy bitcoin at Coinbase, then you can buy Dogecoin for your bitcoins.

There are other sites where you can exchange Dogecoin:

Vault of Satoshi, a Canada based cryptocurrency exchange, accepts Dogecoin. You can convert your Dogecoins into American dollar.

Altquick also supports Dogecoin. You can sell dollars for Dogecoin.

Bter is a Chinese exchange that deals with several digital currencies.

Swisscex, Swiss Crypto Exchange, is a reliable Swiss company that supports virtual currency.

CoinedUp is a free exchange that deals with cryptocurrencies and mining.

Cryptsy is an exchange based in the United States. It deals with altcoins and boasts 60,000 volume trades per day.