Dogecoin Exchange

Although it is true that bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that came to our notice, dogecoin is another cryptocurrency that went viral. Some people think Dogecoin is stupid, whereas some others feel that this little cryptocurrency holds a promising future. In this article, we will discuss about dogecoin exchange. You can get dogecoin from the following dogecoin exchanges:


  • Bter: Bter is a great altcoin exchange, based in China. Bter is really fast and you will hardly face any problems while using Bter, when compared to the other exchanges. The fee of Bter is also lower than many exchanges and therefore, you can use Bter for your Dogecoin exchange. You can easily involve yourself with some trades in Bter and get the best deal to buy or sell Dogecoin.


  • Shapeshift: Shapeshift is a very popular App for cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange. was originally founded by Erik Vorhees who was an early bitcoin adopter. Later, he released the App which is available in IOS. The wonderful Shapeshift App allows users easily to transact seamlessly in multiple cryptocurrencies. Therefore, dogecoin exchange is easily possible through Shapeshift App. You can easily exchange your dogecoin for bitcoin and vice versa.


  • Cryptsy: Cryptsy is another great platform where you can easily trade the currency pair of DOGE/BTC. Cryptsy is the largest of all altcoin exchanges and is based in Florida. You can easily buy dogecoin in exchange of bitcoin from Cryptsy. This platform facilitates buying and selling dogecoin in a very easy manner. However, Cryptsy can be quite slow when new deposits are processed.


  • Vircurex: Vircurex is another robust trading platform which is based in Russia. Although Vircurex trades very limited and selective altcoin pairs, they added Dogecoin recently. Therefore, Dogecoin exchange is possible through Vircurex. The site trades DOGE and therefore, you can easily exchange or buy Dogecoin here. It is a very old trading platform.


  • Coins-e: Coins-e is the last platform in our list that allows dogecoin exchange. They added Dogecoin to their esteemed trading exchange as soon as dogecoin was launched. They have a great interface and also provide good bonuses to their users from time to time. There is an advantage of using Coins-e. Since they are a comparatively new platform, you might get your dogeocin at a cheap price here.

Thus, you can see that these 5 platforms are made for dogecoin exchange. You can buy or sell dogecoin from these platforms easily. You can exchange bitcoin for dogecoin or dogecoin for any other cryptocurrency.