Bitcoin in 2016 - expectations. Part Three

As concerns 2016 – it can really exciting year in terms of Bitcoin growth dynamics and technology development. Some forecasts:

1. Bitcoin will become a safe haven for savings
Significant volatility in global markets are expected.  It will result liquidity problems. Funds and investors will have to look for assets with low counterparty risks. 

2. Sidechain technology will be recognized as a great technological breakthrough
Sidechain technology is metnioned everywhere with skepticism, however the same happened with
Bitcoin in the early years, who had to prove that it is not a Ponzi scheme. 
As soon as there will be more active sidechains and the world will see thei opne nature – the level of trust will rise.

3. Bitcoin network will be scaled
Currently a number of effective proposals are expected, such as the concept of segregated evidence.