Bitcoin in 2016 - expectations. Part One

2015 was really successful year for Bitcoin world - extremely rapid development of infrastructure, a lot of discussions about blockchain and fierce debates about scalability. It is worth to mention the growth rate, with a peak of 500 dollars after falling sharply to $150 at the beginning of the year. Lets recall the ups and downs of Bitcoin during its five-year history and evaluate its opportunities in 2016.

Here is my summary of the history of Bitcoin:

2009-2010 - Concept
This is the background of Bitcoin currency because Bitcoin generated software tokens  were not worth anything. There were many technical and economic discussions. Kernel developers fix vulnerabilities of the source code.

2011 - Experiments
Several bitcoin exchanges were fighting for customers, however unconditional victory went to Mt.Gox. Bitcoin experienced first price bubble - the growth rate of 1 to 30 dollars.

2012 - Gambling and borrowed funds
After several large scale thefts of bitcoins that occurred at the beginning of 2012, the community felt a strong need for a simple and secure way to store the  coins. Ias the response to this need - several new purse types emerged. The lack of thrills for a stable exchange rate Bitcoin compensated by trade with borrowed funds ( Bitcoinica ), gambling (Satoshi Dice), altkoinami ( Litecoin ) and Mining (Butterfly Lab).

2013 - Gold Rush
After several scandals published by major news portals, Bitcoin managed to rise from the dead.
Success stories of those who first invested in Bitcoin, fueled by a rapidly growing industry that produces specialized chips, causing a wave of attention to the mining bitcoins. Fuel to the fire also adds a sharp jump of the course at the end of the year, which resulted in the Bitcoin price exceeded one thousand dollars.