Accept Bitcoin Payments and Expand Your Business, Part Two

The payment processors can settle incoming Bitcoin funds in your local currency. This is to maintain value stability. This way, the rise or fall in the price of Bitcoin doesn’t affect the price of your product or service. Which is  important to your customers. Because your prices should be recognizable if they are returning visitors.

Cut Your Risks with Bitcoin

A partnership with a payment processor can often cut most risk with Bitcoin. You can feel safe as you will receive the USD value (or your local currency) of your invoice. You are not exposed to the Bitcoin price going up or down.

More Exposure and Traffic to Those Who Process Bitcoin

Accepting Bitcoin as payment is not all about convenience and keeping happy customers.  Though this may many times is the end goal. You should also look into the extra benefits of accepting Bitcoin. It comes with a lower transaction cost. Meaning you actually save money from using Bitcoin as opposed to traditional payments.
But you also have the advantage of the free publicity that Bitcoin can bring as a byproduct. Bitcoin is still young in regards to other currencies and you can be close to an early adopter for the Bitcoin. Customers who are looking to buy with Bitcoin will be looking for companies like yours.

Choose Your Currency Base on Your Reporting

Most payment processors allow you to receive a daily settlement in your local currency. And many can enable you to receive a mix of Bitcoin and your local currency. It is all up to your own preference.
You can choose to receive a part or all your Bitcoin transactions in Bitcoin. It's then up to you and your accountant to report any capital gains. It may be a good idea to receive all your transactions in your local currency. This way no extra reporting is necessary. Discuss this with your accountant before making any changes to your settlement preferences.